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All men and women hair services. Our talented hair stylists and expert colorists take pride in listening to your desires, then creating a look that you fall in love with. 


Beautiful, lustrous hair. Clear, healthy skin. We offer the highest level of services and industry leading products to help enhance how you look and feel. 

Barber Cuts

All barber cuts and styles from our talented barbers. We service children too!


We use products with the utmost integrity and the ability to enhance the lives of women though their effectiveness, simplicity and beauty. 

About us

Valeria Salon & Spa is the result of a vision to recreate the beauty salons from past generations. The looks and styles from the 70’s and 80’s were more than just a style- It was an experience.

Today’s modern salon & Spa overlook the traditional art forms such as, customer service, soothing background music, complementary beverages or even just a “small talk”. We have created a sanctuary for both men and women and a place where they can experience the old-school beauty parlor while enjoying the comfort of a modern “Salone Di Bellezza”.

At Valeria Salon & Spa it’s all about making our clients feel invigorating and refreshed, while catering your needs. We deliver an unforgettable experience, delivered to you by extraordinary beauty professionals.

Incredible Spa

Our spa serves up sheer comfort, as well as treatments that will rejuvenate mind and body. Come in for a massage, ask for one of our facials, embrace our hydration treatment, relax during our chocolate therapy…these are just some of the unequaled spa experiences you’ll enjoy at Valeria.

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